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    Feature film
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Screenplay notes

This story is set in Port Angeles, Washington.

Screenwriter notes

I have lived with his story for close to ten years, rewriting and perfecting it. I welcome the chance to be apart of the filmmaking process. Because I also know my characters very well, I would like to be apart of the casting process if possible as well.

About the screenwriters

Louise Reed

Louise Reed has been writing ever since she can remember. At a very young age, she found herself inspired by writers such as John Green and Rainbow Rowell. Louise graduated from Metro State Spring of 2023 with a degree in English and Creative Writing. Her stories attempt to give a new face to the romantic comedy genre. In the beginning of her writing career, she found solace in prose writing before later falling in love with screenwriting. Her voice lives on through her dynamic characters and her storytelling abilities.

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            Louise Reed