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Elimination: Reducing exposure to hazards

  • Classrooms are set to provide six-foot physical distancing
  • Online courses and hybrid courses
  • Meetings and appointments available digitally

Engineering: Separating from hazards

  • HVAC assessment: Metropolitan State University has completed an HVAC assessment at the
    St. Paul, Midway and Dental Clinic locations to review system operations for ventilation and air supply standards
  • Improved air filtration in buildings per ASHRAE recommendations, with MERV 13 filtration when possible
  • HEPA units installed in Dental Clinic & Digital Media Lab, ICES
  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces
  • Proactive Indoor Air Quality measurements during occupied times
  • Cleaning supplies available to study rooms, work areas, and classrooms on campus
  • Plexiglass at customer service locations

Administrative: Changing how we interact and access our campus

  • Face masks required indoors on campus
  • Modified walking routes (one-way) in some buildings
  • Six-foot physical distancing recommended
  • Campus events reviewed and safety plans are used for larger events
  • Floor markings/decals at customer service locations to help maintain physical distancing
  • Training for cleaning staff
  • Hybrid meetings/staggered schedules
  • Capacity signs posted in common work areas, such as conference and study rooms

Personal: Protecting the community and yourself

  • COVID-19 Vaccination: Get vaccinated to ensure health and safety of yourself and the community
  • Vaccination Clinic: On campus during July & August
  • Face Covering Messaging: Messaging on exterior doors. Email communications reinforce face masking policy.
  • Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands or utilize hand sanitizer
  • Clean high-touch areas in your work station
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes
  • Get tested if you suspect exposure/illness
  • Do not come to campus if sick