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Allen Bellas

  • Professor, Grad Program Dir


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Economics
    University of Washington

Recent and upcoming courses

Spring 2024

Fall 2024


Dr. Bellas has been with Metropolitan State University since 2004. His primary teaching interests are environmental economics, principles of economics, benefit-cost analysis and the economics of public policy and social issues. He previously served in several leadership roles in the Metropolitan State Faculty Association, including serving as F.A. president from 2014 to 2016, and served as interim dean of the College of Management in the 2018-2019 academic year. Prior to joining the faculty at Metropolitan State, Dr. Bellas held adjunct positions at the University of Washington and Seattle University.

Dr. Bellas earned his BS in economics and actuarial science from the University of Michigan and his PhD in economics from the University of Washington. He has published in the areas of pollution regulation, health insurance coverage of alternative medicine and technological change at U.S. power plants.

Recipient of the Carol C. Ryan award for Excellence in Advising and the Minnesota State Board of Trustees Outstanding Educator award.

Selected Publications:

  • A Primer for Benefit-Cost Analysis with Richard Zerbe
  • "When Is the Ark Getting Here? The Impact of the Media on Threatened and Endangered Species’ Time to Listing and Long-Term Sustainability" with Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Sustainability
  • "Am I There Yet? The Importance of Discussing Anticipated Graduation Term With Newly Enrolled Advisees: A Case Study" with Angela M. D. Bowlus and Mai Shoua Khang, Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice
  • “The Local and Aggregated Impacts of Stay-at-Home Orders on State Level Unemployment Outcomes” with Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Eastern Economic Journal
  • “Drivers of COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders: Epidemiologic, Economic, or Political Concerns?” with Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Economics of Disasters and Climate Change
  • “A Retrospective Benefit Cost Analysis of the Elwha Dam Removals” with Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • “Which Leading Journal Leads? Idea Diffusion in Economics Research Journals” with Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Empirical Economics
  • “Mandate a Man to Fish?: Technological Advance in Cooling Systems at U.S. Thermal Electric Plants” with Ian Lange, Victor Peredo-Alvarez and Whitney Trainor-Guitton, Water Resources Research
  • “Technological Advance in Cooling Systems at U.S. Power Plants” with Ian Lange and Duane Finney, Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy
  • “Evidence of Innovation and Diffusion Under Tradable Permit Programs” with Ian Lange, International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics
  • "Technological Progress in Particulate Removal Equipment at U.S. Coal Burning Power Plants" with Ian Lange, Journal of Regulatory Economics
  • "Impacts of Market Based Environmental and Generation Policy on Scrubber Electricity Use" with Ian Lange, Energy Journal
  • “Did State Regulation of Power Plants Cause an Increase in Pollution Exportation?” with Ian Lange, Economics Letters
  • “The 1990 Clean Air Act and the Implicit Price of Sulfur in Coal” with Ian Lange, Berkeley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (Topics)
  • “Adoption of Environmental Innovations at U.S. Power Plants” with Nancy Nentl, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
  • “Technological Change for Sulfur Dioxide Scrubbers Under Market-Based Regulation” with Ian Lange, Land Economics
  • “Are Tradable Permits for Mercury Worthwhile?” with Ian Lange, The Electricity Journal