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Victor Cole

  • Community Engagement Coordinator- Academic Internships, Study Abroad
  • Senior Community Faculty


  • Master of Science in Education, Reading Teacher
    City University of New York

Recent and upcoming courses

Spring 2022

Fall 2022


Victor B. Cole has worked in higher education in academic and student affairs, supporting success among students from culturally, ethnically, economically, and linguistically diverse populations in major metropolitan areas for 25 years.

Currently, Victor is the academic internship coordinator at Metro State University, housed in the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship. Part of his role is to coordinate with 32 academic programs that offer or require students to complete an internship for credit toward degree completion, which includes assigned faculty liaisons, deans, and advisors. Other aspects of the position include planning, hosting, and evaluating efficacy of monthly academic internship information sessions to discuss:

* what is an internship?

* what are gains of an internship?

* what are the guidelines provided by the university and departments for earning credit for an internship?

* what are resources for searching for and securing an internship? and

* what are the steps for applying and interviewing for an internship?

Questioning everything has been a part of my life from very early on. Going to Head Start at age three became my first source for getting some answers. I have enjoyed schooling ever since. Learning was my first passion. I have pursued this passion by becoming a teacher by trade, a community organizer by heart, and a learner for life.

One of the most recent projects that keeps me busy is the Minneapolis Public School District (MPS) Teachers Institute of Cultural Development and Focused Instruction, a collaborative professional development program with MPS Equity and Diversity Office and the University of Minnesota, African American & African Studies Department.

I currently work at Metro State University, Saint Paul, in the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship as the Community Engagement Coordinator for Academic Internships and Study Abroad. For six years, I worked in the College of Professional and Community Studies as Field Experience Coordinator and Education Licensure Officer. I am still community faculty for the School of Urban Education and the Department of Ethnic and Religious Studies in the College of Liberal Arts at Metro State.