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Retaliation prohibited

Metropolitan State University, in accordance with federal and state law, as well as the Minnesota State College and Universities System policy, prohibits retaliation in any form against an individual who makes an allegation, files a report or participates in an investigation under Minnesota State System Policy: Policy Sexual Harassment 1.B.3 and Procedure: Response to Sexual Violence, 1B.3.1. As noted in Subpart I. "Retaliation prohibited: Actions by a student or employee intended as retaliation, reprisal, or intimidation against an individual for making a complaint or participating in any way in a report or investigation under this policy are prohibited and are subject to appropriate disciplinary action."

The university will take responsive action when conduct that constitutes retaliation occurs. Such conduct is subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal, expulsion and prohibition from Metropolitan State campuses and activities. Metropolitan State may impose sanctions if during the course of an investigation it is determined that an individual knowingly initiated a false claim or report of sexual misconduct, or knowingly provided false or misleading information to a university official. Allegations of retaliation should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator or the Chief Diversity Officer/Affirmative Action Director.


In accordance with Minnesota State legislation Statue 135A.15, Metropolitan State strongly urges reporting of sexual misconduct and seeks to remove any barriers to making a report or participating in an investigation. A student who reports sexual misconduct in good faith, either as a Reporting Party, a Third-Party Reporter or a witness in an investigation, will not be subject to disciplinary action under student conduct policies for their own personal consumption of alcohol or other drugs in connection with the reported incident.