Honors Research Project

1-4 Undergraduate credits
Effective January 1, 2018 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course provides the capstone experience for students in the biology honors cohort. Student conducts a laboratory or field research project under the supervision of a resident science faculty member. Project includes formal written proposal, instructor approval, performance of appropriate scientific experiment or investigation, data analysis, and presentation of the final results in written and oral form to an appropriate audience. Prior successful completion of an upper division course with the instructor is generally required. Enrollment is limited to students in the Biology Honors cohort. Student must successfully complete 4 credits of BIOL 490H to fulfill requirements for graduation with Biology Honors.

Special information

Note: This honors course is open to students who have met the criteria and been granted honors biology status, a process administered by the Natural Sciences Department. All prerequisites must be completed with grade of B or above. Contact instructor or department chair for permission.

Learning outcomes


  • Design, propose, conduct, interpret, and present the results of an independent laboratory or field experiment in biology at the senior undergraduate level.
  • Find, read, interpret and utilize primary scientific literature in biology.
  • Apply their experience with research methods in biology at the level requisite for success in graduate or professional research.

Summer 2019

Section Title Instructor
21 Honors Research Project Harley, Ci Books Course details
22 Honors Research Project Harley, Ci Books Course details