MATH 115

College Algebra

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective August 1, 1998 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course develops the fundamental concepts of algebra with an emphasis on the classification and analysis of linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions. Applications to the natural and social sciences are given throughout. It aims to provide insights into the nature and utility of mathematics, and helps students develop mathematical reasoning skills.

Special information

Prerequisite: A grade of C- or higher in MATH 98 or MATH 102, or placement at MATH 115 College Algebra on the mathematics assessment test offered by the Placement Assessment Office. Those who have completed intermediate algebra or equivalent at other institutions would contact the Math and Statistics Department for an override at

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate sophisticated comprehension of the properties of polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions.
  • Recognize and utilize appropriate function models to abstractly represent and solve real-world problems involving polynomial, exponential or logarithmic patterns.
  • Understand and utilize multiple representations of functions, including algebraic, geometric, and numeric.
  • Understand concept of function and function notation.

Spring 2021

Section Title Instructor
50 College Algebra Merrick, Lee Lee Books Course details
51 College Algebra Berg, Robert D Books Course details
52 College Algebra Naughton, Carrie L Books Course details
53 College Algebra Lemtouni, Tarik Books Course details
54 College Algebra Sori, Takele Books Course details

Summer 2021

Section Title Instructor
01 College Algebra Calcaterra, Craig Books Course details
02 College Algebra Staff, Staff Books Course details
50 College Algebra Staff, Staff Books Course details