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CHEM 479L Special Topics in Chemistry Laboratory

This laboratory course will include an in depth study of a specific area of chemistry, and may include offerings in forensic chemistry, food chemistry, polymers, thermodynamics, medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry, or other areas of interest or not represented in regular course offerings within the department.


Special information

First day attendance is mandatory.
1-4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 19, 2017 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Explain and apply scientific knowledge in the selected topic of chemistry, both theoretical and experimental, at the upper division level.
  • Read and interpret primary scientific literature in chemistry.
  • Recall, explain and apply the concepts, knowledge and vocabulary of chemistry at the level necessary for success in upper division and/or graduate study in this field.
  • Properly follow procedures for safe handling and use of chemicals.
  • Evaluate and interpret experimental design, data, and results.