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CJS 465 Crisis Response, Mental Illness, and Working with Special Populations

This course focuses on justice system responses to victim and offender special populations, including women, children, elderly people, LGBTQ+ people, immigrant populations, and people with physical, developmental, behavioral, and sensory disabilities. This course teaches critical incident stress management for first responders and crisis intervention, de-escalation, and other skills for responding to mental illness and substance use signs.


Special information

Prerequisites: CJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice, AND CJS 200 Literature in Criminal Justice OR CJS 201 Foundations in Criminal Justice required. Note: Must be a Criminal Justice student or instructor permission.
3 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 3, 2023 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Identify specific problems related to special needs offenders and victims.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of concepts related to special needs offenders and victims.
  • Formulate improvements to the criminal justice responses to each of these special populations that would help ensure that all receive an equal and fair measure of justice, equity, service, and protection.
  • Develop and improve critical thinking and communication skills.
  • Evaluate and critique current law enforcement and criminal justice agency practices related to special needs offenders and victims.