EDU 698

Capstone: Conducting Research in Urban Classrooms, Schools and Communities

4 Graduate credits
Effective January 12, 2015 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course provides both an introduction to modes of research and scholarship useful in urban education or other diverse cross-cultural educational settings and an opportunity for applying principles learned to classrooms, schools, or communities. Students develop and complete a culminating project of research to improve an aspect of teaching, student learning, a school program/initiative or a community service and share their findings with others.

Special information

Note: Permission required contact Paul Spies Prerequisites: This graduate seminar is designed for licensed educators and individuals with a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Students should have completed graduate courses in the subject area emphases toward a master's degree in urban education or equivalent preparation.

Learning outcomes


  • Apply knowledge and skill previously gained in a research methods course to a specific focus of conducting educational research related to the needs of diverse classrooms, schools, or communities
  • Analyze various aspects of the classroom, school and community to decide on an area of focus
  • Use a research question to determine an appropriate mode of research to answer the question
  • Utilize various data collection techniques and develop an approach to data management
  • Analyze and interpret research literature on a topic of identified interest
  • Test, evaluate, report and share results of the research conducted
  • Analyze and interpret data generated from a research project
  • Reflect and write about how to use research conducted and data collected toward educational change and improvement of practice, educational programming, or educational policy.