ENTR 490

Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective December 16, 2017 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course prepares students to start, manage and grow a new business venture. A business idea will be evaluated, as well as the process to transform the idea in a new business. Different aspects of managing and growing a new business will be examined, assisting students to make educated decisions to solidify the business.

Special information

Note: Course is a requirement for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Major and Minor, a major elective for Business Administration, and can be taken as the capstone for Organizational Administration.

Learning outcomes


  • Identify a business opportunity and generate a business venture idea.
  • Evaluate a business idea, and create a business model thought the development of a feasibility plan analyzing aspects of the: market opportunity, industry, value proposition, target market; competitive analysis, financial and profitability).
  • Explore the different legal forms and requirements of a new business venture.
  • Evaluate how to develop a managerial team to lead the organization.
  • Identify the different opportunities for financing the new business venture.
  • Evaluate the challenges of growing a new business venture, including but not limited to the unique market issues of a new business venture.

Spring 2020

Section Title Instructor
50 Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation Berte, Erica Cristiane Books Course details