ESCI 469

Seminars in Environmental Science

1 Undergraduate credit
Effective December 15, 2015 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course takes advantage of the many scientific seminar presentations offered in the Twin Cities Area by educational institutions such as Metropolitan State University and the University of Minnesota and by non-profit organizations such as the Minnesota Native Plant Society, Minnesota Geological Society, St. Paul Audubon Society etc. Each student chooses ten one-hour seminars to attend. This course can, with instructor permission, be taken more than once for credit. Intended for Environmental Science majors in their senior year.

Special information

Prerequisites: Completion of all Foundation courses of the Environmental Science major.

Learning outcomes


  • Describe immediate and current scientific research in areas of personal interest within the field of Environmental Science, drawing connections between their education and the research presented.
  • Read primary scientific literature and connect, compare, and contrast it to live oral scientific presentation.
  • Understand and make use of scientific resource available through the University of Minnesota and other institutions in Minnesota.
  • Understand, learn from, and describe from first-hand experience the mode of formal communication of science among environmental scientists.