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HSCI 301 Understanding the U.S. Health System

This course focuses on understanding the complex organization and operation of the health care system in the U.S. The history, stakeholders and their interactions, financial considerations, and the role of government are discussed and incorporated into critical analyses of the operation and performance of the health care system, current health care issues, and possible future directions for health care in the U.S.


4 Undergraduate credits

Effective December 17, 2018 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the function of and relationships between the stakeholders of the U.S. health care system
  • Analyze current issues and challenges within the U.S. healthcare system including the tension inherent in working to advance quality, assure access and maintain a reasonable cost for health care services.
  • Analyze outcomes within the U.S. health care system as compared to other systems.
  • Discuss ethical considerations related to the current and proposed organization of healthcare.
  • Evaluate possible future directions for the U.S. healthcare system.

Fall 2022

Section Title Instructor
50 Understanding the U.S. Health System Staff, Staff Books Course details