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MATH 430 Advanced Mathematical Modeling

This course provides students with significant problem-solving experience through investigating complex, open-ended problems arising in real-world settings. Working in teams, students apply mathematical modeling processes to translate problems presented to them into problems that can be investigated using the mathematical, statistical, and computational knowledge and thinking they have gained from previous coursework. Significant emphasis is placed on justifying approaches used to investigate problems, coordinating the work of team members, and communicating analyses and findings to technical and non-technical audiences.


Special information

Note: The first set of prerequisite courses are for students pursuing either the Mathematics, B.A. or the Applied Mathematics, B.S. program. The second set of prerequisite courses are for students pursuing the Industrial & Applied Mathematics, B.S. program. Note: Students whose prerequisites are not identified by the system would contact the Math and Statistics department for an override at
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 3, 2023 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Formulate problem statements for investigation.
  • Identify assumptions.
  • Define variables and parameters.
  • Justify modeling and problem-solving decisions.
  • Apply mathematical, statistical, and/or computational knowledge to investigate and solve problems.
  • Validate model outputs.
  • Refine and enhance teamwork and communication skills to produce professional presentations and written reports.

Spring 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
50 Advanced Mathematical Modeling Wagstrom, Rikki B Books for MATH-430-50 Spring 2024 Course details for MATH-430-50 Spring 2024