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Primary Care Nursing I Practicum

2 Graduate credits
Effective December 13, 2014 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This clinical practicum course builds on the clinical reasoning skills learned in NURS 616 and facilitates application of content of NURS 621. In a clinical setting serving primarily adults, students perform histories and physicals, determine differential diagnoses, and develop holistic plans of care under the guidance of a preceptor. Accurate interpretation of clinical data, appropriate prescribing practices, and accurate documentation of patient encounters is fostered. A minimum of 150 clinical hours with approved preceptor(s) are required. Competence Statement: Knows primary prevention concepts and select acute care concepts well enough to develop and implement a health maintenance plan and provide basic primary care for select acute health conditions.

Learning outcomes


  • Perform risk factor analyses based on social, cultural, familial, occupational, and lifestyle history when assessing health promotion needs across the lifespan.
  • Develop basic skills in performing and documenting preventive and problem oriented histories and physical examinations for adults in the context of primary care.
  • Demonstrate oral case presentation skills.
  • In collaboration with a preceptor complete an appropriate history and physical assessment, construct differential diagnoses, order, perform and interpret age, gender, and condition specific diagnostic tests and screening.
  • In collaboration with a preceptor, implement evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention strategies and practice guidelines for select common acute health conditions to improve or maintain optimal health in adults.
  • Implement theoretically and scientifically based, individualized, holistic, and culturally sensitive health maintenance and acute care plan
  • In collaboration with the clinical preceptor, prescribes based on pharmacological and physiological principles, as well as state and federal regulations.
  • Analyze role issues for the nurse practitioner arising in the clinical setting.

Spring 2020

Section Title Instructor
01 Primary Care Nursing I Practicum Smith, Kari L Dahring, Renee D Books Course details
02 Primary Care Nursing I Practicum Dahring, Renee D Smith, Kari L Books Course details