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NURS 684P Practicum in Nursing Education

This practicum provides students with a guided experience in the processes of teaching and student evaluation in a classroom or clinical setting. Students will apply the teaching/learning concepts studied in NURS 682 and NURS 683 in a selected nursing course. Students will work with a preceptor in the planning and implementation of curriculum or a course, specifically including the evaluation of learning outcomes of students who are participating in course room or real/simulated clinical settings. Practicum experiences will be individually designed through the use of leaning contracts in consultation with the N 684P instructor and preceptor. The student completes at least 200 practicum hours in the educational site under the supervision of the preceptor. Competence Statement: Knows and can apply principles of teaching and learning well enough to teach in classroom/online or in clinical settings, and evaluate students.


Special information

Co-Requisite: NURS 681 and NURS 685.
2 Graduate credits

Effective December 13, 2015 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Create a positive learning environment that fosters a free exchange of ideas.
  • Develop test questions that evaluate learner¿s ability to meet course outcomes.
  • Encourage professional development of learners.
  • Implement innovative teaching strategies based on educational theory and evidence-based practices related to nursing education.
  • Integrate theoretical framework of the curriculum in teaching.
  • Modify teaching strategies and learning experiences as needed based on feedback from stakeholders.
  • Provide timely, constructive, and thoughtful feedback to learners.
  • Respond effectively to unexpected events that affect classroom instruction.
  • Share teaching expertise with colleagues.