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POL 321 Approaches to World Politics

This course examines critical global issues and the organizations and institutions that are attempting to address them. Drawing on concepts from political science and international relations, students explore such issues as human rights, the global environment, violence within and between nations, and the gap between "have" and "have not" nations. The course investigates the response of the United States to these issues as well as the effectiveness of formal international organizations like the United Nations and emerging transnational citizen organization. Classroom inquiry is supplemented by field experience and investigation.


Learning outcomes


  • Understands and can apply central concepts and perspectives on key global issues and dynamics.
  • Can compose analytical essays at a level consistent with upper division college standards.
  • Can critically examine and reflect on one's own perspectives and values on global issues.
  • Can critique contending approaches to global development at an upper division college level.
  • Can evaluate the relevance of major international relations theories at an upper division college level.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Goal 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Employ the methods and data that historians and social and behavioral scientists use to investigate the human condition.
  • Examine social institutions and processes across a range of historical periods and cultures.
  • Use and critique alternative explanatory systems or theories.
  • Develop and communicate alternative explanations or solutions for contemporary social issues.

Goal 8: Global Perspective

  • Describe and analyze political, economic, and cultural elements which influence relations of states and societies in their historical and contemporary dimensions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cultural, social, religious and linguistic differences.
  • Analyze specific international problems, illustrating the cultural, economic, and political differences that affect their solution.
  • Understand the role of a world citizen and the responsibility world citizens share for their common global future.

Fall 2024

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50 Approaches to World Politics Porten, John Books for POL-321-50 Fall 2024 Course details for POL-321-50 Fall 2024