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PSYC 420 Early Childhood Studies Capstone: Professionalism and Ethical Issues

This capstone course explores professionalism and the ethical dilemmas facing early childhood professionals today through the analysis of case studies using the profession's code of ethics. Students develop a professional portfolio, create a plan for professional development, and attend a professional conference. Consideration is given to state rules and regulations, advocacy, accreditation and working with families using effective diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Students should register for this course in their final university semester.


2 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 19, 2023 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Describe the purpose of and opportunities for professional growth and development and create a professional development plan.
  • Describe the profession's code of ethical conduct and its application in everyday practice.
  • Write a personal philosophy of developmentally appropriate early care and education that responds to practices that support diversity, equity and inclusion including cultural and linguistic diversity through actions and attitudes.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to advocacy for excellence in programs and services for young children and their families as well as enhanced professional status and working conditions for early childhood educators.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of accreditation and federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to programs serving young children.
  • Describe how to partner with families in making decisions related to their child's development and their parenting using effective diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
  • Apply family-systems theory and knowledge of the dynamics, roles, and relationships within families and communities.

Spring 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
01 Early Childhood Studies Capstone: Professionalism and Ethical Issues Frankard, Heidi Lin Malloy Books for PSYC-420-01 Spring 2024 Course details for PSYC-420-01 Spring 2024