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SSCI 451 Empirical Research Capstone

Social scientists investigate the patterns of human interactions and then seek to interpret, explain and communicate human behavior. This seminar is designed to provide a final, integrating experience for students with a social science major. Seminar participants complete a senior project that demonstrates an ability to design a study, collect new or existing data, analyze those findings and communicate the results.


5 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 8, 2019 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Ability to design a study, to collect new or existing data, to analyze the findings, and to communicate the results of the inquiry at an upper division college level.
  • Ability to write analytically in a style that is well informed, well reasoned, and literate at an upper division college level.
  • Demonstrates oral communication skills by informed and well-reasoned arguments.
  • Masters the higher order thinking skills necessary to analyze and interpret social science literature at an upper division college level.

Fall 2024

Section Title Instructor books eservices
01 Empirical Research Capstone Santos, Jose L. Books for SSCI-451-01 Fall 2024 Course details for SSCI-451-01 Fall 2024