SSCI 452

Conceptual Research Capstone

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective May 5, 2015 – May 7, 2019

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

The social sciences have been shaping our understanding of the human condition for 175 years. Students will be comparing and evaluating ideas that continue to engage and perplex thoughtful public intellectuals. The capstone project involves researching an idea that remains disputable. The goal of a student's thesis is an independent interpretation of a specific concept.

Learning outcomes


  • Can create a senior thesis which compares, critiques and evaluates three major thinkers on a contested social science concept and can develop ones own unique contribution to the debate.
  • Demonstrate senior level thinking skills in comparing and evaluating ideas being debated in academic and public venues.
  • Demonstrate the syntopical reading skills required to analyze and evaluate social thinkers at a senior under graduate level.
  • Understands the essential questions that motivate social science thought well enough to critically compare and evaluate contrasting perspectives on select social science concepts.