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STAT 251 Statistics Programming I

This course covers basic statistical programming techniques in data manipulation, data exploration and graphing using the statistical software SPSS. Topics of this course include reading raw data, reading data from files, saving formatted output, data transformation, data file manipulation, and generating statistical graphs and descriptive statistics. This course builds on the knowledge learned in STAT 201 (Statistics I).


Special information

Note: Students whose prerequisites are not identified by the system should contact the Math and Statistics Department for an override at
2 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 9, 2013 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Read data from different sources and save data with desired format using computer software.
  • Manipulate data using computer software.
  • Reconstruct a data file in a computer software.
  • Visualize a data set by generating graphs.
  • Calculate basic statistics using computer software.
  • Understand the syntax of a statistical programming language.
  • Have a deep understanding what type of visual and quantitative representations are appropriate for a dataset.
  • Generate a report showing basic exploration of a dataset.