Education partners' agreement

Summer Partnership in Law (SPIL) 

The SPIL is an introduction to the legal profession and education process.

The faculty, administration and staff of the College of Individualized Studies believe that the educational process is a two-way street. We have promises to keep in our work with students; in turn, students have obligations to us as they pursue their educations.

We have made these promises explicit so that the College of Individualized Studies and its students can work together in a well-defined, positive relationship.

Pledge to students

  • a friendly and supportive, yet challenging, environment in which you can develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that exemplify an educated person and which are necessary for lifelong learning; teaching that encourages serious inquiry and reflection focused on the connections between learning and responsible citizenship, success in a career, and growth as an individual;
  • excellent teachers and academic advisors who respect your previous learning and life/work experiences and inspire you to high levels of academic achievement; and
  • responsible teachers and academic advisors, who provide timely responses to assignments, return phone calls and make appropriate referrals to better support you.

Expectations of students

  • take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered through the College of Individualized Studies and Metropolitan State and make use of the assistance offered by faculty, advisors and staff;
  • seriously reflect on the ideal of an educated person and student-centered education throughout the degree planning process, your studies and when meeting with advisors;
  • think and act on your educational experience in a mature and responsible manner, both in the classroom and in interactions with faculty and staff; read the university Catalog and Student Handbook, and prepare for your advisor appointments; and
  • if you're considering changing your degree plan, contact your assigned advisor in advance.