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College of Individualized Studies

The College of Individualized Studies is looking for learners who want more than a traditional higher educational experience. In life many of us desire the opportunity to choose the path we take. Our individualized degree programs are based on your needs and your dreams. It offers you the possibility of organizing your learning experiences into a meaningful degree plan which reflects those needs and dreams.

Learn more about the undergraduate options to design your own degree with the College of Individualized Studies at our Spring Open House, happening March 22 at 6 p.m.

In the College of Individualized Studies we value and embrace the tradition upon which Metropolitan State University was founded: the central importance of involving students in exploring what it means to be an educated person. Through that exploration students design individualized degree plans which reflect and fit their personal, educational, and career needs and incorporate past formal college-level learning and learning achieved outside the classroom.


The College of Individualized Studies empowers adult students to design and complete high-quality degrees that value their academic and life-long learning.


The College of Individualized Studies is the place where students of diverse backgrounds can get an innovative, dynamic degree recognizing all life-long learning by:

  • Empowering students to create their own degree plan
  • Being a national leader in credit for prior learning
  • Collaborating with other Minnesota State institutions and community partners
  • Offering transfer pathway options for community and technical colleges


  • Social Change and Anti-Racism: We address equity and inclusion at individual and institutional levels
  • Student Centered Advocacy: We nurture self-efficacy through personalized advising and mentoring 
  • Innovation and Creativity: We are deeply committed to helping students gain authority over their own education by developing their individualized degree pathway
  • Trust and Transparency: We believe that our students have the capacity to succeed and we collaborate with them to find the best educational options
  • Compassion and Respect: We recognize the diversity of student experiences and challenges and support them for success in their educational journey

College of Individualized Studies departments and programs

For College of Individualized Studies students

Dean's message

A message from the dean of the College of Individualized Studies.

Learning strategy options

Alternatives to classroom learning, and opportunities to get credit for what you know and learn through student-directed learning.

Education partners' agreement

The pledge to students from the College of Individualized Studies and the student's responsibilities.

College of Individualized Studies internship requirements

Learn more about internship guidelines for the College of Individualized Studies.

Individualized Studies advising

The advisors in the College of Individualized Studies are committed to your success. Find more information about the CIS staff.