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Dean's message

The College of Individualized Studies is anchored by its guiding principal of granting students the primary responsibility for and authority over their education.

We value and embrace the tradition upon which Metropolitan State University was founded - that is, the central importance of involving students in exploring the meaning of what it means to be an educated person. In the process, students come to fully understand the purpose, meaning and benefit of education creating a life changing experience for them and through them the larger society. It is a tremendous honor for us to be a part of this environment where the powerful legacy of educational innovation and lifelong learning is nurtured at Metropolitan State University. We welcome all students to participate in this transforming educational journey.

Discover the freedom of charting your own course of study, understand the value and meaning of previous college work and learning acquired outside of college.

  • First, the College of Individualized Studies has a long history as a national leader in figuring out how to give you credit for what you know and coming alongside you to help you design your own learning if additional coursework does not match up to your educational plan.
  • The College is also able to create meaning from your previous college work of any kind- technical college, community college, or university education. We have a unique capacity to bring all these things together and help you find the most affordable and accessible pathway to completing your degree.

Your education in the College of Individualized Studies will extend beyond your degree. You will gain the skills and find the power to be a lifelong learner ready for the challenges of the future.