College of Individualized Studies internship requirements

College of Individualized Studies students may elect to include an internship as part of their individualized degree plan. Internships must be interdisciplinary or related to the student's area of focus in their approved degree plan.

All approved internships for credit must:

  • include 40 hours of work at the internship site for each hour of college credit earned. Internships are typically completed for 1-4 credits. 40 hours = 1 semester hour 80 hours = 2 semester hours 120 hours = 3 semester hours 160 hours = 4 semester hours
  • involve the student in college-level learning.
  • involve the student in self-directed, self-originated work which combines practical application with theoretical components.
  • be concluded with an 8-10 page paper (submitted to the College of Individualized Studies internship liaison) reflecting on what was learned from the internship, in direct relation to the Learning Outcomes stated on the Internship Agreement.
  • be approved by College of Individualized Studies before work on the internship begins.
  • be supervised by a qualified on-site supervisor. (The on-site supervisor must have a baccalaureate degree and/or expertise in the internship area.)

General student learning outcomes:

Specific outcomes for the internship must be listed on the Academic Internship Agreement.

During the internship experience the student will:

  • Analyze the role, function, mission, and goals of the internship site.
  • Successfully perform specific internship responsibilities.
  • Combine theoretical learning and practical application.

Specific learning outcomes

Learning outcomes that are unique to the internship experience must be listed on the Academic Internship Agreement.

College of Individualized Studies internship approval process

  • Students must complete the Academic Internship Agreement form. Forms must be signed by the student, evaluator, and faculty liaison.
  • Students should not begin work until the internship has been approved and registered.
  • Students should be aware of the registration deadline for creative learning strategies each semester, as published in the academic calendar. Students should allow approximately 30 days for processing the internship form and approval.
  • Students cannot be related, by marriage or otherwise, to the on- site supervisor for the internship.
  • Approved college-level learning must be included in the specific duties and responsibilities included on the internship form.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to review their individualized degree plan in preparation for proposing and registering for an internship.


  • All internships will be graded Satisfactory/No Credit (S/N). Letter grades will not be used.
  • At the conclusion of the internship experience, the site supervisor will submit a letter to College of Individualized Studies evaluating the on-site performance of the student, based on approved learning outcomes, duties, and responsibilities.
  • The student will prepare a substantive paper (8-10 pages, typed and double-spaced) that reflects on what the student has learned in relation to the competence description and learning outcomes described in the internship. Students are encouraged to include significant experiential learning in their paper including activities, skills gained, collaboration with colleagues, etc.
  • Evaluation of the internship will be completed by both the site supervisor and College of Individualized Studies evaluator. A Satisfactory or No Credit grade will be posted for the internship after both the student's final paper and the site supervisor's letter have been received.

Important notes: Students should check the Academic Calendar for the last date to register for registration and allow up to 30 days for processing of paperwork. Students should not begin work until they have received approval for an internship. A grade will not be posted for the internship until both the student's final paper and the site supervisor's letter have been accepted by College of Individualized Studies.