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Declare or change a program

To change or declare an undergraduate major, minor or certificate program, fill out the Undergraduate Program Change or Declaration eForm

How to declare a program

After you are admitted to the university as an undergraduate student, you also must be accepted into a specific major or program.

Many programs have requirements, such as prerequisite courses, that must be completed before you can declare. You can find these requirements on each program's detail page.

You must be accepted to a program by the time you complete 80 credits or within one year of transferring to Metropolitan State, whichever comes later. Students who have not been accepted to a program by this deadline may be prevented from registering. Declaring a program does not prevent you from changing your program in the future.

Benefits of declaring a program

  • It provides you with an approved academic plan, avoiding costly registration and course planning mistakes.
  • It ensures that you complete prerequisites in a timely manner and take courses in the most beneficial sequence.
  • It makes tracking your progress using your degree audit report—which is used to approve your graduation application—simpler.
  • If degree requirements change, it allows you to choose between the requirements in place when you declared a program and the new requirements.

For more information, see University Policy #2020: Baccalaureate Degree Requirements, Modification of Student Degree Programs and Graduation Requirements.