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Choosing and declaring a minor

Pursuing a minor gives you an opportunity to focus in an area of study apart from your major that is of particular interest to you, but without having to complete as many credits.

  • Do I have interest in a subject that complements my major, such as organizational communication?
  • Do I have a personal area of interest unrelated to my major, such as history?
  • How many credits beyond the minimum 120 will it take to complete my preferred minor? Would it serve me better to focus my studies on a master?s degree instead?

Wise planning early in your program may allow some courses in your minor to overlap with:

  • General education requirements
  • Liberal studies
  • Courses in a major
  • Free electives needed to meet the minimum credit requirement.

How to declare a minor

To formally declare a minor, complete the Undergraduate Program Change or Declaration eForm.