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Explore an interest area

Find Metro State degree programs that match your interests and goals


Navigate the intricacies of the local, national and global business market, from accounting to marketing to international commerce and psychology.


Every community has complex, diverse healthcare needs. Learn to respond to those needs with nursing, dental hygiene, counseling, health system studies and more.

Arts and communications

From screenwriting to technical writing, and from studio arts to teaching English, learn how people communicate and how to express yourself.


Educate and be an advocate for students—and schools—with urban education, social studies, early childhood studies and more.

Social sciences and humanities

From anthropology to philosophy, and from gender studies to global studies, learn the foundations of thought that have shaped humanity's understanding of our world and ourselves.

Science, tech, engineering and math

A STEM background can spark advancement in many fields, including cybersecurity, systems analysis, biochemistry, mathematics and many more.

Human services

Promote the greater good by understanding and helping individuals, groups and communities with family studies to ethnic studies to leadership.

Law enforcement and criminal justice

With programs from computer forensics to criminal justice—including licensing certificates—learn to understand the criminal justice system and apply the law.

Public and nonprofit administration

From public relations to advocacy or administration, help public and nonprofit institutions serve their communities and fulfill their missions.

Individualized studies

Not every educational journey follows a traditional degree path. Create an individualized degree plan to chart your own success.