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Answering some questions that applicants frequently ask

How do I get started? What is my first step?

The Admissions Office recommends applying to Metro State to get started. Applying to Metro State is free and lets us know you are interested in learning more information in a way that is specific to you. After you apply, you will receive emails outlining additional steps required. Please check the inbox for the email address you provided on your application frequently for updates.

The Metro State Admissions Office is committed to supporting domestic students through the application process. This includes undocumented and DACAmented students.

Where do I apply?

Students can apply online. Go to Get Started at Metro State to find the application best matching your situation.

When do I apply?

Early Priority Application Deadlines:

  • Summer – March 1
  • Fall – March 1
  • Spring – October 1

*If deadline falls on a weekend, it is extended to the next business day.

How do I apply as an international student and who do I contact with questions?

International students can apply through the International Degree-Seeking Student Application. We recommend reading the application information carefully to understand all the requirements.

The Metro State Admissions Office area of expertise is supporting domestic students through the application process. We recommend international students connect with International Student Services if there are questions regarding the application process and requirements. Contact the office by emailing or calling 651.793.1315.

I applied to Metro State. What is my next step?

Once you apply, you should begin receiving emails from Metro State regarding any additional requirements needed to complete your application. It is critical to frequently check the e-mail you have provided on your application. Connect with the Admissions Office if you are unsure of any of the steps to take. Contact or call us at 651.793.1302.

How do I submit my official transcripts?

You can find guidance for this process on our Submitting Official Transcripts page, including a short video to talk you through the process for each kind of transcript you may have to submit.

Three important notes:

1) If you have transcripts from other Minnesota State colleges or universities, please do NOT pay to submit those transcripts to Metro State. Since Metro State is also a part of MN State, we can access those transcripts without you having to pay a fee or initiate the process. If we are unable to acquire the transcript from another MN State institution, this means there is a hold on the transcript. If this happens you will be notified, and you will need to resolve the hold with your previous school before Metro State can pull the transcript.

2) When requesting official transcripts, please direct the institutions who are providing the transcripts, to send them directly to Metro State Admissions. We are unable to accept transcripts forwarded by email from students or physical transcripts removed from the original stamped sealed envelope, as they are not considered official.

3) If you are a returning student you may need to provide a new set of official transcripts for processing.

I am being asked to provide transcripts from a school I never attended. Why is this happening?

Sometimes, students must submit a letter of non-enrollment or non-attendance to confirm they have not completed coursework at a prior institution. This is common practice. You may request these verifications from your previous institution’s registrar’s office. Review our Submitting official transcripts page to learn more about submitting a Letter of non-attendance.

How will my credits transfer?

For students who have previously earned college credits, how those credits transfer depends heavily on the details of a student’s academic record. The official method to find this answer is to apply for admission to Metro State and gain acceptance. If you are admitted, we can evaluate your credits, determine how they transfer, and share the information with you in a Degree Audit Report (DAR). The DAR is an official review of your transfer credits, which is a helpful tool to use when meeting with your academic advisor for course planning.

An unofficial method to find an estimated answer to this question is to use Transferology, a tool students can use prior to applying to Metro State. Students can see how credits previously evaluated have transferred to Metro State in the past. There are cases where students have obtained credits elsewhere, but their transferability to Metro State has not yet been evaluated and added to the Transferology database. This can cause an incomplete transfer evaluation and is one reason Transferology is an unofficial evaluation.

If you choose to use Transferology to estimate your transfer credits, you can use our Transferology Resource Guide for step-by-step instructions to complete the process. The guide walks students through the process of Importing Transfer Credits and Applying Transfer Credits to a Major, all within Transferology. At the end of these steps, you will have a document estimating what classes are completed and what classes need to be completed to earn your degree.

Still have transfer questions? Check out these video resources:

Will my credits transfer if they were completed over 10 years ago?

It depends on the program you intend to pursue. Some degree programs may require you to complete credits within a specific timeframe. After a student is accepted, we will be in a much better position to answer this question accurately.

I have been accepted to Metro State. Now what is the next step?

Newly accepted students will receive an acceptance packet mailed to the address we have on file outlining the next steps to take. You can also reference the Transfer Student Checklist or First-year Student Checklist for next-step guidance as well.

If you are a newly accepted student and need to update your personal information, visit our Update Personal Information page for directions on how to make these changes.

How do I find my academic advisor?

Guidance for finding your academic advisor for admitted students can be found on Metro State’s Find Your Advisor webpage. Please know it can take up to one week to be assigned an advisor after gaining admission.

Who do I connect with to learn more about Financial Aid?

Gateway is your first stop for questions and services on a variety of topics at Metro State, including questions about your financial aid.

How do I log into my student email?

Steps to access your email account:

  1. Go to the Metro State homepage:
  2. Select "Current Students" from the top menu.
  3. Select "Student Email" from the right column.
  4. Enter your email login, which will be your StarID followed by “”
  5. Enter your StarID Password, which you set when you activated your StarID. Reminder: Your StarID is two letters, 4 numbers, two letters. Example: ab1234cd.

If you need assistance logging on to your email, please call Metro State IT (Information Technology) Services at 651.793.1240.

How do I reset my StarID password?

Retrieve your Star ID or reset your password by visiting Star ID Self Service or call Minnesota State Information Technology (IT) Services at 877.466.6728.

I already have a Star ID from another school. Do I need to create a new one?

You do not need to create a new one. You can use the same Star ID you previously used at any Minnesota State school here at Metro State.

What is the difference between a Tech ID and Star ID?

You get a Star ID as soon as you apply. This is your student username, which is connected to many services including your student email account. The Star ID is in the format of two letters, four numbers, two letters (Example: ab1234cd). If you are transferring to us from a MN State institution, your STAR ID and password will still be the same.

You get your Tech ID after gaining admission to Metro State. The Tech ID is eight digits. Example: 12345678. If you are transferring from a previous Minnesota State institution, you will have a new Tech ID for Metro State. Keep both ID’s in a safe place, as both will be useful for you in your academic journey.

How can I connect with someone in the Admissions Office?

You can reach an Admissions Counselor either by email at or by phone at 651.793.1302.