Community Engaged Education

Our commitment to community engagement is evident in our mission, programming and curriculum. At Metropolitan State a philosophy of engagement means cultivating an environment where students have the opportunity to experience an institution as part of the urban community their campus is located in.

Engaged classes offer coursework that takes students beyond the classroom and into the community, for hands-on, experiential learning. Each campus location serves as a resource to the neighborhood that hosts it, both as a gathering place and center of knowledge. And through partnerships, Metropolitan State allows students to interact with a sweeping scope of organizations, from homeless shelters all the way up through Fortune 500 corporations.

Our students receive an education that extends beyond the walls of the university, gaining valuable insights and experiences that have a deep impact on their lives.

Engaged Courses

Certain classes are designated as Community Engaged, offering students the opportunity to gain knowledge outside of the classroom and inside the community.

National Award

Metropolitan State University is among 157 colleges and universities selected for re-classification with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s Community Engagement Classification for 2015. Metropolitan State initially received the Community Engagement classification in 2008. The university is one of 10 institutions in the state to hold this classification, and one of five to earn re-classification for 2015.

The Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship (ICES)

Metropolitan State is proud to host ICES is the largest and most active unit of its kind within the Minnesota State system. ICES focuses on ways that teaching, research and service are enriched by community and university collaboration.

The Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship fosters social transformation and civic responsibility by facilitating opportunities to connect student-centered learning with the challenges and opportunities of urban communities. ICES realizes these goals through a variety of programs. 

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