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Study abroad

Study Abroad is a life changing educational journey, known to give a fresh and unique perspective on the United States and the world. By living and studying in another country students learn about different cultures while expanding their horizons and opening their minds.

Studying abroad brings students in direct contact with diverse peoples and viewpoints, and will expose them to ways of life different from the ones to which they are accustomed. In addition, study abroad will provide an opportunity to establish lifetime friendships.

Metropolitan State's Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship (ICES) is the university resource for students interested in study abroad or any global experience. ICES provides assistance, referrals, and information on study abroad opportunities. If you are interested in study abroad, stop by ICES or visit the following links at Minnesota State and other higher education institutions and organizations that accept students from other colleges and universities to participate in their global opportunities. Additional information about Study Abroad Financial Aid information and travel abroad health insurance can be found on these two sites.

Education for Global Learning

Metropolitan State University is a member of the Minnesota State consortium of universities and colleges that promote global learning in the United States and abroad. Metropolitan State University has access and support from the consortium's 15 member institutions. For more information, contact, Metropolitan State University's Study Abroad advisor at

International Exchange and Study Abroad

International Exchange and Study Abroad (IESA) is comprised of Metropolitan State University faculty, staff and students committed to promoting

  • student-designed study abroad academic opportunities;
  • increased international student enrollment;
  • faculty-designed courses with an international study component; and
  • faculty exchange.

Contact the Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship Internship Office by email at

International exchange and study abroad links