Frequently Asked Questions

Resident Faculty and Staff:

What does it cost to park as an employee (resident faculty or staff)?

Employees must initiate the process and sign up for parking if they park on state-owned or leased property. Employees can choose to pay via payroll deduction of $18 per pay period for full-time faculty and staff, or you may pay once per semester by check or credit card of $156 per semester (fall, spring, & summer). Those choosing semester payments must pay no later than the first day of class for each semester. Employees who work less than full time will pay a prorated amount.

If employees do not register a car, will they be charged? (Street parking? Bus riders?)

No, employees must initiate the process.

Is it possible for an employee to pay part of the semester?

No. If you register for parking, it will apply for the entire semester. Depending on how often you will be parking on campus, it may be more cost effective to not register for parking and just pay the $5 daily rate when you are here.

Can I pay the daily visitor fee if I only drive once in a while?

Employees who choose not to become a contract parking can pay the $5 daily rate.

Will the parking fee deduction will be taken out as a pre-tax expense?
Employees using the payroll deduction option will have the parking fee deducted pre-tax from their bi-weekly pay stub. All parking deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis and no special enrollment is needed.

Community Faculty:

What does it cost to park as a community faculty member?
Community faculty pays $12 per credit. They must initiate the process and sign up for parking if they want to park on state-owned or leased property.

I am a community faculty member who teaches only online. Are we required to pay the parking fee?

No. The parking registration is optional for faculty and staff and you can sign up if you think you need it.

I am a community faculty member and have a position with the university where I already pay for parking. Will I be charged again?

Employees who register for parking (paying either via payroll deduction or per semester) will not be charged for parking as a community faculty while their employee parking registration is effective.

Students and community faculty will pay $12 per credit for parking. What time period does that cover?

The fee is $12 per credit for each semester (fall, spring, summer).  Access to parking starts 14 days prior to the official start of the semester and ends seven days after the official last day of the semester.