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Resources on campus

  • Facilitates pregnant and parenting student accommodations
  • Connects individuals with on and off-campus resources
  • Receives reports of discrimination/harassment/sexual violence in person at Founders Hall, Room 318, by calling 651.793.1270, or by email or
  • Takes interim action and investigates allegations of Minnesota State system nondiscrimination and sexual violence policies

651.793.1275; Founders Hall 305
Email at:

  • Provides information and advice on benefits, compensation, leave options, and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Fosters an atmosphere of respect for dignity of every individual who works for the university.
  • Assists students in navigating the challenges of parenthood while in school.
  • The center is open for in-person use on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This space is reserved for student parents and their children.
  • Provides support services relating to childcare, parent education, pregnant and expecting students, lactation and breastfeeding, child development, and connection to on and off-campus resources.
  • Provides referrals to community organizations related to women’s and LGBTQ+ issues including domestic violence, birth control, STIs, hormone therapy, counseling, childcare concerns, gender discrimination, etc.
  • Offers confidential advocacy and information about academic, legal, medical, and emotional resources for those who have experienced sex, gender, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation discrimination, as well as survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.

651.793.1571; Saint John’s Hall L10

  • Open Tuesdays to Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Operates a food choice program, so students may choose their own food up to 30 pounds for a household of 1.
  • The pantry has items such as rice, beans, canned fruit and vegetables, canned soup, pasta, dairy such as milk and cheese, and frozen meat and vegetables. Inventory may vary from month to month.
  • Free meals: made by local restaurants and packaged in single serving microwavable take-out trays. Students will be able to take up to 3 or more meals per day. The meals will vary from week to week and will include one meat option and one vegetarian option.
  • Students who are unable to stop by during drop-in hours can schedule a food drop box or bag pick-up from the university library. Pick-ups can be scheduled in their website.
  • To access this service, students need to complete an intake form one-time per academic school year, visit their website to complete the form.

Confidential resources—on campus

651.793.1568; Founders Hall 221
*Support line available 24/7

  • Support is available 24/7 through the Metro Cares Crisis line.
  • Call to make an appointment: 651.793.1568. Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Offers individual and group counseling sessions/workshops in many areas including: interpersonal relationships, stress and time management, social/sexual difficulties, grief and loss, emotional issues, eating concerns, academic concerns, conflict resolution, mental health, suicide prevention, and intervention.
  • Services are free of charge for students.

1.800.657.3719 or 651.259.3840
*Support line available 24/7

  • Chat available 24/7, text “Hello” to 61295
  • Provides up to six (6) free and confidential counseling sessions for you and your family per person, per year, per topic.
  • Refers and helps to connect employees to resources within their community including for issues such as childcare, elder care, and legal and financial assistance.

Lactation support and resources

These are the rooms available for lactating students:
Founders Hall Room 162 on the Saint Paul campus. To use this room, you can request a key from the Gateway Student Services desk.
Midway Lactation Room: Room R at the Midway Education Center. To use this room you may use code 54369.
Minneapolis: Use Minneapolis Community and Technical College's Student Parent Center in room T1000.
Public Safety and Police Science Center: Request an empty room for lactation from the Public Safety and Police Science Center Safety Officer.

If you have questions about lactation spaces, please contact: Additionally, if you have questions about lactation accommodations, please contact:
If you have trouble accessing the pod, contact the Student Center Safety Officer (mobile/text) at 651.775.6724.

There is one (1) lactation pod in the Student Center on the Saint Paul Campus. To use the pod, download the Mamava app. Use the app to schedule a time, unlock the pods, and find other pods and resources for lactation. If you are having trouble accessing the pod, contact:

A second Mamava pod if scheduled to be added to lower level one of the New Main building on the Saint Paul Campus.

If you have questions about lactation spaces, please contact: Additionally, if you have questions about lactation accommodations, please contact:
If you have trouble accessing the pod, contact the Student Center Safety Officer (mobile/text) at 651.775.6724.

  • Helps breastfeeding/chest feeding mothers/parents through mother-to-mother/parent-to-parent encouragement, information, and education.
  • Connect by phone at 612.922.4996 and/or email at Getting in contact with a leader and/or attending meetings is free.

  • Staff at all Fairview hospitals and clinics offer lactation services and are trained to help new parents learn to breastfeed/chestfeed and provide one-on-one assistance.
  • Board certified lactation consultants help new moms/parents and babies who need extra assistance with breastfeeding/chestfeeding.
  • Check with your insurance regarding costs.

Resources off-campus

  • Offers classes, resources and products that support infant development, and provides solutions to everyday parenting.
  • Many free and low-cost options are available.

  • Committed to maternal health and reducing health disparities in communities at risk for poor outcomes.
  • Provides compassionate, culturally aware support and a nonjudgmental, welcoming community.
  • Most services are available at no out-of-pocket cost to those on a Medicaid health care plan. They are also open to the entire community, with a focus on accessibility.

  • Provides many comprehensive services including women’s health care, prenatal care, maternity care, breastfeeding and lactation services, water birth, postpartum services, and pediatric services.
  • Health insurance is accepted.

  • Free evening discussion groups in Saint Paul on subjects including breastfeeding/chestfeeding, doulas, labor preparation and postpartum health.
  • Programs and resources offered include virtual doulas, virtual childbirth education, crisis line, pregnancy and birth, postpartum, breastfeeding/chest feeding, perinatal mental health, and new parent guidance.

Explore a list of state resources on topics such as medical assistance, newborn screening programs and immunization schedules, the WIC program, father’s adoption registry, and more.