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Student Parent Center

Student Parent Center

The Student Parent Center at Metropolitan State offers space on-campus to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate student parents to study for classes, complete course assignments, and access other basic needs resources while accompanied by their children. The Student Parent Center is not a drop-off daycare center, but aims to provide a safe, inclusive environment for student parents.

The Student Parent Center understands the challenges of parenting, whether new, expecting, or seasoned and the extenuating unexpected circumstances that can occur. Therefore, we are committed to partnering with our students to gain access to resources, on-campus and off-campus, to maximize their experience and remain on a path toward graduation.

The center provides services to support student parents in the following areas:

  • Information regarding childcare services and funding
  • Support and resources for pregnant and/or expecting student parents
  • Parent education workshops and information
  • Parenting library with child development resources and information
  • A safe space for children to play while parents are on campus completing their assignments
  • A computer lab and printing services
  • Lounge areas with snacks, coffee, tea, refrigerator, and microwave
  • Resources for on and off campus support for parents
  • Lactation room location, breast pumps, and usage information
  • Student parent supportive programming such as back to school supplies and holiday gift giving
  • And more!

Please see additional information on how to become enrolled in our Student Parent Early Childhood Program