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Emily Gresbrink


  • Community Faculty

Recent and upcoming courses

Spring 2024


Emily Gresbrink joined Metro State in 2024 as a community faculty member. She teaches courses in structured authoring in the TCID program, blending practical, industry-informed experience and academic-centered knowledge to move students towards a successful understanding of technical writing.

Gresbrink's current research focuses on intersections of technical communication, risk and crisis communication, and digital rhetorics. Their scholarship is rooted in intersectional feminism, informed by social justice praxis and tactical work.

Her most recent project, a dissertation, is a case study leveraging graduate student perspectives surrounding COVID-19 risk and crisis communications. The project aims to remix, revise, and revisit digital communication (emails) sent during the earliest months of the pandemic through user-centered feedback, rhetorical listening, and technical communication. In addition to teaching courses, they are also employed as a service publications writer at The Toro Company in Bloomington, Minnesota, and has 10+ years of experience across healthcare and manufacturing.

Gresbrink holds an MS from the University of Minnesota and will complete their PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2024. She has presented at regional, national and international conferences, and has numerous solo and co-authored publications.

Research Focus

  • Technical Communication
  • Risk & Crisis Communication
  • Social Justice
  • Digital Rhetorics

Recent Publications

  • Banville, M., Gray, K., Gresbrink, E., Kalodner-Martin, E, Listhartke, H., Jordan., R. (2023). Imagining a Social Justice Technical Communication “Dream” Course. IEEE ProComm, Ithaca, NY.
  • Kastman Breuch, L., Duin, A.H., & Gresbrink, E. (2022). Real-World User Experience: Engaging Students and Industry Professionals through a Mentor Program. In UX as Innovative Academic Practice, Cargile-Cook, K., & Crane, K., Eds.). Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communication Series, WAC Clearinghouse.
  • Banville, M., Das, M., Davis, K., Dsouza, E., Durazzi, A., Gresbrink, E., Kalodner-Martin, E., and Stambler, D. (2021). Identity, Agency and Precarity: Considerations of Graduate Students in Technical Communication. Programmatic Perspectives, 12(2), Fall 2021.
  • Gresbrink, E. (2021). Stay Healthy, Safe, and Well: Investigating Effective Communication Design in COVID-19 Emails and Messaging. The 39th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication.
  • Gresbrink, E. (2019). Exploring the Nexus of Telemedicine and Written Mobile Communications. University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy.

Awards and Honors

  • The Big Rhetorical Podcast Emerging Scholar, 2023
  • Affiliates 21st Century Summer Research Fellowship, 2023 (University of Minnesota)