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Charles Nemer Senior Community Faculty
  • Marketing, Supply Chain Operations Management and International Business
charles.nemer@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Charles Tedder Professor, Interim Dean, College of Individualized Studies
  • College of Individualized Studies
  • Individualized and Interdisciplinary Study
charles.tedder@metrostate.edu (651)793-1854
Charles Wollmering Community Faculty
  • School of Urban Education
charles.wollmering@metrostate.edu (612)659-7120
Charlotte Nitardy Senior Community Faculty, Credit for Prior Learning Advisor/Coordinator
  • Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Network
  • Psychology
charlotte.nitardy@metrostate.edu (651)793-1918
Cheryl Kelley
  • Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management
cheryl.kelley@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Chester Wilson Community Faculty
  • Natural Sciences
chester.wilson@metrostate.edu (651)793-1606
Chong Her General Repair Worker
  • Campus Operations
chong.her@metrostate.edu (651)793-1719
Chris Marshall Community Faculty
  • History
chris.marshall@metrostate.edu (651)793-1384
Christie Knobeck Senior Project and Business Analysis Manager
  • Service and Project Management
christie.knobeck@metrostate.edu (651)793-1257
Christina Gevara Interlibrary Loan Technician
  • Library and Information Services
chris.gevara@metrostate.edu (651)793-1625
Christina Murphy Service Center Specialist
  • Service and Project Management
christina.murphy@metrostate.edu (651)793-1250
Christina Richardson
  • Nursing
christina.richardson@metrostate.edu (651)793-1375
Christina Stello Senior Community Faculty
  • Management, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management
christina.stello@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Christina Vang Yang Enrollment Processor christina.vangyang@metrostate.edu
Christine Larson Associate Professor, Reference Librarian
  • Library and Information Services
  • College of Liberal Arts
christine.larson@metrostate.edu (651)793-1630
Christo Hadjixiros Technical Report Developer
  • Enterprise Information and Application Services
christo.hadjixiros@metrostate.edu (651)793-1605
Christopher Amouzou
  • Computer Science and Cybersecurity
christopher.amouzou@metrostate.edu (651)793-1606
Christopher Maas Director of Facilities
  • Campus Operations
christopher.maas@metrostate.edu (651)793-1711
Christopher Schulte Community Faculty
  • Computer Science and Cybersecurity
christopher.schulte@metrostate.edu (651)793-1471
Christopher Strand
  • Accounting
christopher.strand@metrostate.edu (612)659-7250
Chuck MacLean Associate Professor, Associated Professor
  • School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
chuck.maclean@metrostate.edu (763)657-3748
Chuck Paulson
  • Natural Sciences
chuck.paulson@metrostate.edu (651)793-1606
Cindy Bourke Associate Director of Admissions
  • Admissions
cindy.bourke@metrostate.edu (651)793-1534
Cindy Harley Associate Professor
  • Natural Sciences
cindy.harley@metrostate.edu (651)793-1580
Cindy Meyer Community Faculty
  • Human Services
cindy.meyer@metrostate.edu (651)793-1342