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  • Job starts
    Spring 2023
  • Job ends
  • Work schedule
    Varies; within Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6pm
  • Pay Level C
    $14.50 starting wage

Major job duties

Provide one-to-one or small group tutorials online and in-person with students in business/COM courses including accounting, finance, economics and/or management. Paid professional development opportunities include initial training, subsequent in-service trainings, community learning sessions around tutoring and student services, and embedded tutoring possibilities.

Qualifications and experience

We are looking for confident students with solid interpersonal/small group communication skills to tutor their peers in Business courses in the College of Management. Completion of ACCT 210, FIN 390, MIS 100 with a minimum grade of B+. Additional COM courses are a plus. We’re looking for students who could tutor for at least one academic year. Graduate students may be eligible at pay level E.

To apply

Email resume, cover letter and unofficial college transcripts to