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From the President

University joins nation in observance, memorial of 9/11 attacks

Posted September 10, 2017

To the Metropolitan State University community:

You may have noticed in your travels today that many United States and Minnesota flags are posted at half-staff. Gov. Mark Dayton has joined President Donald Trump and other states' governors in calling for a day of observance on this 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001. Gov. Dayton has proclaimed today Patriot Day and a Day of Service and Remembrance in Minnesota. Governors proclamation (.pdf)

This is a day to recall the scale of the loss of innocent lives 16 years ago today, and the selfless bravery of many police officers, uniformed first responders, and private citizens who came to the aid of others on that day. Their actions represent the highest expression of the spirit of our country, which recognizes the humanity of all and reaches out with open hearts and willing hands to those who are suffering.

Metropolitan State University is privileged to be the leading provider of higher learning in Minnesota to veterans, active military personnel, and military family members, as well as peace officers preparing for leadership roles in their communities. Among our faculty and staff are many more military veterans, reservists, and family members, and law enforcement faculty, who make outstanding contributions to our educational mission.

At 7:46 a.m. today, many Minnesotans observed a National Moment of Silence as a mark of respect and remembrance for the victims and their survivors. This evening, the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis will be illuminated in the colors of the flag of the United States of America. In addition, a group of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and supporters will represent the university as they attend an annual 9/11 event organized by the Minnesota Humanities Center. This evening of recognition and awards for veterans is part of the Centers year-round Veterans Voices program, which annually convenes special events and humanities-based projects to display and disseminate the unique voices of Minnesota veterans.

I invite you to take part today in your own ways to acknowledge our nation's collective spirit and actions of remembrance, even as many Americans are again stepping forward to assist their neighbors who are in danger and in need, this time due to catastrophic weather events in Florida and other states and territories. Clearly, bravery and service are never out of season in America.


President Virginia "Ginny" Arthur, JD
Metropolitan State University