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A learning community involves taking pre-set classes with some of your student peers, attending activities and events outside of the classroom, and intentionally connecting with resources on and off campus that will help enhance your academic experience at Metropolitan State University.

If you're interested in taking part in a Learning Community, contact one of the coordinators below or email to ask questions or get started.

Who are Learning Communities for?

Learning Communities are for students who…

  • Have earned up to (but not more than) 16 college credits
  • Are newly admitted to Metro State
  • Haven't decided on a major yet, or want to explore career options within a particular field
What I liked most was being able to connect with my professors. I really bonded with my English and Psychology professors

— Fall 2021 student

Benefits of Learning Communities

  • Guaranteed seats reserved just for you in learning community classes
  • Opportunities to connect with your classmates who have similar interests and career goals
  • Activities and events outside of the classroom to develop your leadership and networking skills
  • Better opportunities to connect with resources that support your success, such as finding a mentor or advisor
  • Support from Student Services
  • Priority registration for your second semester classes
A group of students walks on the Saint Paul Campus
(I liked) finding out things about myself that I didn’t know before. Like making a lot of friends who are different from me.

— Fall 2021 student

Fall 2022 Learning Communities

To join a Learning Community or to learn more, contact your advisor or the community coordinator.

Exploring Business Careers

For students exploring programs in the College of Business and Management. The courses are:

  • MGMT 100 Introduction to Business
  • MIS 100 Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations
  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey

Sally Pinkston — 612-659-7238

TRIO StartRight

Building a community and a sense of belonging for first-generation college students. Courses are:

Fall 2022

  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey
  • ANTH 101 Human Origins

Spring 2023

  • HIST 200 Genealogy in Global Context
  • NSCI 206 Garden Science

TRIO Learning Communities Application

TRIO Center — 651-793-1525

Connect. Explore. Decide.

For students exploring programs in the College of Liberal Arts or who are undecided on a major. The courses are:

  • SSCI 100 Introduction to Social Science
  • WRIT 121 Writing I
  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey

College of Liberal Arts Advising — 651-793-1457

Human Behavior at Work

For students interested in helping professions such as psychology, social work, nursing, human services, and early childhood studies. The courses are:

  • PSYC 100 General Psychology
  • WRIT 121 Writing I Intensive
  • METR 101 Your Academic Journey

Jennifer Broadrick and Sheila Anderson

Something I like as my first semester at Metropolitan State University is the interaction between professor and classmate. Having interaction between students and professor help build connections. It also makes me feel welcome as a part of something.

— Fall 2020 Learning Community participant