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ARTS 401 Capstone Studio

In this course students develop a capstone studio project guided by a faculty mentor to establish a sustainable studio practice beyond graduation. Taught in preparation for the Capstone Seminar course, students will learn the physical aspects of presenting their work for exhibition while addressing contemporary issues in art. The course project will be reflected upon through individual and group critique, and may include outside art professionals as guest critics. This course is required for all Studio Arts majors and should be executed in the student's final year of study.


Special information

Prerequisites: Students should have 90 credits or more before registering for this course. Note: This course will involve independent projects that focus on individualized goals. Students will be responsible for purchasing supplies to support these projects.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective May 2, 2023 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Create a cohesive body of artwork ready for exhibition
  • Prepare their artwork for public presentation using professional practice techniques
  • Develop critical analysis techniques
  • Identify content and meaning in their work.
  • Interpret the work of a range of contemporary artists through research and reflection including those in marginalized communities.
  • Will be prepared to find connections between the Capstone Studio and Capstone Seminar course for a sustainable artistic practice
  • Reflect on connections with community art leaders through the presentation of their artwork.

Fall 2024

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