DATA 499

Data Science Capstone

4 Undergraduate credits
Effective December 17, 2018 – Present

Graduation requirements this course fulfills

This course provides a culminating experience in formulating and resolving data science and business analytics questions, regardless of domain or nature of scientific inquiry. Students work in teams on two comprehensive projects of increasing complexity to apply data science concepts and principles. They design and propose projects, source datasets to create appropriate data models and advanced visualizations, and produce professional reports and presentations based on insightful analysis and investigation.

Special information

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Learning outcomes


  • Formulate and resolve deep and impactful questions to scientifically explore chosen project areas, in consultation with subject matter experts as appropriate.
  • Discover, source, and assimilate appropriate data sources, especially employing creative approaches to linking data from diverse sources following ethical guidelines.
  • Conduct appropriate data analyses without bias.
  • Refine and enhance teamwork and communication skills to produce professional presentations.
  • Discuss and report implications of professional work as a data scientist.

Fall 2020

Section Title Instructor
01 Data Science Capstone Wei, Wei Course details