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NURS 456 Community Health Nursing

This course focuses on the origins and trends in community and public health nursing, conceptual models for practice, and contemporary public health problems and issues. Students synthesize knowledge from nursing, public health and the social sciences to provide holistic care with community as client. Emphasis is on primary prevention, health promotion, and risk reduction, as well as prevalent population-based health issues; focusing on racism and inequities in delivery of health care within populations.


Special information

Prerequisite: Admitted to the RN-BSN program. Co-Requisites: NURS 456P.
4 Undergraduate credits

Effective August 16, 2017 to present

Meets graduation requirements for

Learning outcomes


  • Analyze contemporary public health problems, including their scope, impact and possible solutions.
  • Analyze interactions between economic, social and physical environments; population health; and public health services, including community health nursing.
  • Analyze the origins, scope and focus of community and public health nursing.
  • Apply knowledge, theories and conceptual models' including systems theory, epidemiology and levels of prevention, public health nursing levels of practice and interventions' to community and public health nursing practice.
  • Prepare, as a member of a team, a community health assessment of an assigned geographical area or population aggregate giving particular emphasis to the health determinants of social, economic, and physical environments.
  • Analyze the origins, scope, history, and focus of community/public health nursing;

Fall 2023

Section Title Instructor
50 Community Health Nursing Morrison, Leslie Faith Books Course details