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NURS 770 DNP Scholarship III

This course focuses on the evaluation of a scholarship project designed to positively influence processes, systems, communities, or policies impacting health and the dissemination of the results. Students will evaluate the entire project process, present a plan for sustainability, reflect on his/her role leading the project, and demonstrate accomplishment of program objectives. Students must successfully present the final scholarship project. Students will accrue 75 clinical hours related to the scholarship project. Competence Statement: Knows concepts of project management well enough to evaluate the scholarship project and disseminate the results.


Special information

Prerequisites: Prior to taking this course, you must have successfully completed the following: NURS 760.
3 Graduate credits

Effective May 10, 2014 to present

Learning outcomes


  • Analyze the outcomes and implications of the DNP Scholarship Project using appropriate methods;
  • Evaluate the processes used to plan, implement, and evaluate the DNP Scholarship Project;
  • Utilize reflective practice as a framework for self-evaluation and professional growth.
  • Guide a team in evaluating the DNP Scholarship Project and planning for dissemination of the findings;
  • Disseminate the DNP Scholarship Project findings;