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College of Sciences

A layered illustration of DNA, computer code and math notations.

Founded in 2016 as a stand-alone college, Metropolitan State University’s College of Sciences provides a broad range of programs in mathematics, computer science and the laboratory sciences. These activities are supported by the college’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, including the $36 million Jason R. Carter Science Education Center and the forthcoming Minnesota Institute for Cybersecurity and Forensics.

The College of Sciences is the place to explore your understanding of the physical world through the study of biology, chemistry, physics and ecology. If your interest is in technology, the College of Sciences offers courses in computer programming, writing web and phone apps, networking, cyber security, and much more. Or, if you love mathematics, our math and statistics programs will provide you with the tools you need to solve problems in any job situation.

Learn about our programs at the virtual Open House on October 13. Sign up for the College of Sciences session at 5 p.m.

Why the College of Sciences?

What inspires you?

Do you aspire to find a cure for cancer?
Do you want to protect our nation's infrastructure from cyber attacks?
Are you the person who will calculate trajectories for all those angry birds?

The foundations of math, science, and computing are logical thinking, methodical approaches to solving problems and drawing conclusions from the objective examination of evidence. These foundational problem-solving skills will serve you well, no matter what life and career choices you make.

Our College of Sciences faculty, advisors and staff are here to assist, mentor and support you. But ultimately the hard work of learning, applying what you've learned to real-world problems, developing laboratory and quantitative skills, and developing your abilities to think creatively and critically, synthesize information, draw on your results to advance knowledge and improve the world, is up to you.

We welcome you to the College of Sciences and we invite you to follow your curiosity.

Our faculty

In College of Sciences, we firmly believe that "those who can, teach." While our faculty engages in cutting edge research ranging from the nature of black holes to neurobiology to applied urban ecology, we never lose sight of the fact that our primary purpose is to educate students.

"We always, always focus on the success of our students first."   --Dr. Tom Nelson, former College of Sciences dean

The great success that we have achieved in preparing our graduates for medical schools, dentistry, veterinary medicine, as well as admission to graduate programs, and direct entry into scientific fields ranging from sustainable urban agriculture to biotechnology to computer application development is a testament that we always, always focus on the success of our students first.

Advising and plan a visit

If you are a new or prospective student, we encourage you to come visit us on campus, talk to one of our experienced advisors about career options and programs, meet several of our faculty in your area of interest, and tour our facilities.

Exciting things are happening in the College of Sciences. We encourage you to explore the many opportunities we offer, and if they inspire you as much as they inspire us, please come join us.

College of Sciences departments and programs

For College of Sciences students

STEM career and internship resources

A broad list of resources for careers and internships in science, tech, engineering and math.

COS advising

Find information about advising in the College of Sciences.

Cyber Defenders Scholarship

Providing up to $10,000 a year for up to two years, Cyber Defenders is for promising junior and senior STEM majors interested in cybersecurity careers.