PSEO Eligibility 

Who is eligible for the PSEO program?

Students currently enrolled at a Minnesota public high school. Seniors must rank in the upper half of their class or have a 3.0 or higher grade point average. Juniors must be in the upper third of their class or have a 3.25 or higher grade point average. 

PSEO Credits

Will the courses I take as a PSEO student at Metropolitan State University count toward my high school diploma?

Yes, provided you pass the classes. It is very important that you work out a plan with your high school counselor if you wish to complete high school requirements by taking college courses. 

Will I get Metropolitan State credits, too?

Yes, provided you pass the classes. How the credits you earn apply toward a college degree depends upon the specific college and program you select. It is important to realize that you will be establishing a college record at Metropolitan State, which will be on your permanent college record.

How will my high school get my grades?

Metropolitan State will forward your transcript to your high school counselor once grades are posted at the end of each semester. You will be able to view your grades online through eServices.


What are the application deadlines?

April 1 for the fall semester, and November 1 for the spring semester.

For details on the application procedure, see Post-Secondary Students.

You only need to apply once when you would first like to be considered for the program. To continue in the program, you will not re-apply, but you must submit a new Program Notice of Student Registration (located at on the Post-Secondary Students page) each semester by the deadlines listed above.


What does the PSEO program cost?

There is no application fee for PSEO students, and your school district pays the cost of the tuition, which includes parking. Metropolitan State pays the cost for textbooks. You are responsible for any other costs incurred at the university (e.g. extra supply fees). If textbooks are not returned at the end of each semester, you will be held financially responsible.

PSEO Course Registration

When will I register for courses?

You will register for courses during the mandatory on-site orientation. 

What do I need to do prior to orientation?

You will need to:

Meet with your high school counselor and complete the associated required form (College and High School Planning Guide), which you will bring with you to orientation.

Complete your diagnostic assessments in reading, writing and math, and have those results sent to Metropolitan State. However, if you have ACT scores as follows: Math 22, Reading 21, English 18, you will be exempt from that portion of the Accuplacer testing, so please send a copy of your scores with your high school transcript. For details on placement tests at Metropolitan State, visit and search for Placement Services.

Are there certain courses I cannot register for?

Yes. PSEO students are unable to register for:

  • Developmental courses (below 100 level)
  • Courses above 100 or 200 level
  • Online courses
  • Independent study courses

How many credits can I take?

You may take up to 12 credits (full-time) per semester. For most students, particularly juniors, we recommend attending only part-time when first beginning the program. This will give you time to adjust to the college environment and expectations.

Can I take courses in the summer?

The Minnesota Department of Education does not fund the PSEO program during the summer.

PSEO Course Changes

What if I need to change my schedule?

If you are new to the program, you will have 10 business days after the mandatory orientation in which to change your schedule online through eServices. If you are a returning PSEO student, you will have 10 business days after the registration window opens to change your schedule online through eServices. You will be notified by our office as to the date the registration window will open. Students who have registered for restricted courses listed above will automatically have their courses dropped.

What if I need to drop a course after the semester begins?

You will have until the university established deadline to drop or withdraw from a course and are responsible for doing so by the deadline (see and search for academic calendars by semester). To drop a course after the semester begins, please email with PSEO in the subject line prior to the deadline, and the course will be dropped on your behalf. No courses will be permitted to be dropped after the deadline.


How do I get my textbooks?

The university library will contact you via email when your books are available (typically 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the semester). You will pick up your books in person at the Metropolitan State library circulation desk and will need to have your Metropolitan State student ID with you. If you drop a class, you must immediately return the textbooks to the library, or you will be held financially responsible for the cost of the books. You will return your textbooks to the library at the end of the semester as well.

PSEO Expectations

How does college coursework compare to high school coursework?

College courses are more academically challenging, and the primary responsibility for learning is yours. You should plan to spend two to three hours of study for every hour spent in class. If you also work and/or participate in after-school activities, consider whether PSEO will be a good fit. Keep in mind, you will be taking classes with students who have already completed high school.

What is expected of me as a PSEO student?

You are expected to:

  • attend all regularly scheduled classes
  • be aware that your high school academic calendar differs from Metropolitan State’s academic calendar, which means you may have college classes on days you do not have high school classes
  • arrive to class on time, be prepared and complete all assignments
  • keep in contact with your high school counselor and the PSEO coordinator
  • read all materials provided to you at orientation and sent to you via email and regular mail
  • be respectful and follow all university policies, procedures and the Student Code of Conduct

Additionally, when grades are posted, you will be automatically dropped from your next semester’s courses if you:

  • do not earn a “C” or better in each PSEO course taken
  • earn a cumulative GPA of under 2.0
  • earn an incomplete

What if I fail a course?

If you don’t pass a college class required for high school graduation, you might not be able to graduate with your high school class and you may need to pay for the course.

PSEO Contact Information

What if I have questions?

Please email with PSEO in the subject line, or call 651-793-1302