Courses Rotation Schedule

ARCC Yearly rotation BUSN ADM Major, A.S. in ACCT

Spring Semester

  • MGMT 499 - Case Studies in Strategic Management
  • Business Elective
  • ACCT 520 - Advanced Strategic Management Accounting

Summer Semester

  • MGMT 320 - Organizational Behavior
  • MIS 310 - Principles of Management Information Systems
  • FIN 390 - Principles of Finance

Fall Semester

  • DSCI 434 - Operations Management
  • ACCT 310 - Financial Reporting
  • Business Elective

ARCC Equivalents: MGMT 310-Management Principles and Practices (ARCC BUS 2244); MKTG 300-Marketing Principles (ARCC BUS 2142); BLAW-Legal Environment of Organizations (ARCC BUS 2215); and ACCT 320 Strategic Management Accounting (ARCC BUS 2126) are not offered because students can take the corresponding comparable/equivalent courses (in parenthesis) at ARCC.

NOTE: the information given is a plan, but subject to change without notice. Check the Class Schedule for offerings for the current terms.