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Are you completing the College Readiness Academy or English for Work with the International Institute of Minnesota? Good work! Good news! You also can earn university credit at Metropolitan State when you complete the IIMN Program successfully!

IIMN-Metropolitan State University partnership

Through the IIMN-Metropolitan State University partnership, students who complete the College Readiness Academy or English for Work can apply as Visiting Students at the university, and be awarded three credits of university-level work and goal 7 or 8 of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. The credit is approved by faculty who review the coursework and assignments for the courses.

How to earn your Metropolitan State credits

  1. Participate in and complete the IIMN program in either English for Work or College Readiness Academy.
  2. Complete the required coursework to receive the IIMN Certificate of Completion.
  3. Apply for free to Metropolitan State as a Visiting Student, using the special partnership application form below:
  1. When you apply to Metropolitan State, send your Certificate of Completion to the Admissions Office.

  1. Three credits of lower-division elective credit will be awarded to your Metropolitan State transcript, with no tuition or fees charged. College Readiness Academy completion meets goal 7 of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. English for Work meets goal 8. These credits can be part of your Metropolitan State program if you are admitted for a degree. You will be able to obtain a student or official copy of your transcript.

  1. Explore the Bachelor’s degree majors and programs that are available at Metropolitan State. Explore Metropolitan State for a bachelor’s degree and learn how to apply.

It is exciting to recognize and support adult immigrants whose vast cultural, linguistic, historical, and political experiences and knowledge have usually been overlooked or seen as deficient rather than rich and powerful. This partnership between IIMN and Metropolitan State University acknowledges the richness of the immigrant.refugee trajectories and builds upon their experiences to foster academic college-learning from global and human-diversity approaches

— Gemma Punti
Assistant Professor of Individualized and Interdisciplinary Studies