Undergraduate Tuition 

Based on Minnesota State Cost Comparison: Annual Tuition and Fees 2017-2018. 

Graduate Tuition

Average Cost Per Credit*
Highest/Lowest Cost
Per Credit (Masters level)
St. Thomas University $976.00 $1,221.00/$731.00
Walden University $675.00 $895.00/$455.00
Augsburg College $663.00 $776.00/$550.00
St. Catherine University $652.00 $828.00/$475.00
Capella University $562.00 $737.00/$387.00
Bethel University $548.00 $695.00/$400.00
Hamline University $540.00 $675.00/$405.00
St. Mary's University $466.00 $557.00/$375.00
Average $635.00
Metropolitan State University Average $397.00 $447.00/$347.00
*Master's on-campus only

The costs for the different colleges and universities are for average full-time tuition and fees per year for Minnesota residents. Some colleges and universities charge additional fees in their undergraduate and graduate programs. Fees vary by program. For exact tuition and fees, contact the admissions office at the college or university that interests you. The costs do not include room and board for any institution listed.