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2023 Spring Faculty Virtual Conference

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Advancing Engagement, Effectiveness, and Inclusion  
Saturday, March 18, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Our Metro State Community continues to emerge from the unprecedented challenges of recent years. Isolation, fragmentation, and marginalization are but a few words to describe recent, collective experiences. Our teaching and learning remain primarily virtual, yet many have returned to face-to-face events and instruction. How do we navigate the echoes of our recent experiences with our gradual return to more traditional relationships and interactions? What are we learning?

This year’s Spring Faculty Conference (via Zoom) provides spaces to share lessons learned, future directions, and the complexity of our shared experiences as we seek improved engagement, effectiveness, and inclusion at Metro State. Questions you might consider include the following:

  • How might we improve our teaching effectiveness?
  • How do we better support and include diverse students and colleagues?
  • What did we learn in recent years that can shape a more just, healthy future?
  • How might we strengthen student engagement in our classrooms? 
  • How might we address continued traumas in & around us?
  • What online tools & strategies hold promise for improving our teaching, learning, engagement?
  • How do we improve our synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, in-person, & high flex instruction?
  • What changes have we made to our policies, assessments, and assignments in order to support diverse students’ success?
  • What does anti-racist teaching, curriculum, and advising look like at Metro?
  • What changes in classroom activities (e.g., assessments, assignments) hold promise?

We invite your proposals for the virtual conference, an opportunity to share important knowledge and practice. Additional details and program applications available HERESubmissions due by February 11.

Workshop lengths are either 25 minutes or 50 minutes. Shorter workshops are chances for sharing quick tips and demonstrating tools with which you’ve had success; longer workshops are designed for more complex topics, team presentations or discussions. All are welcome!

Click here if you wish to register for the event

Contact Daryl Parks at or Mousumi Munmun at with any questions or feedback.