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2022 Spring Faculty Virtual Conference

Advancing Teaching, Equity, and Engagement in a Virtual World
Saturday, April 9, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

Metro State adjusts to an unstable world while teaching and learning are primarily virtual. Our communities reel from injustice, inequity, and trauma. Our students are “in class” as they sit at a kitchen table; distractions abound. How do we teach, engaging students in these complex spaces? 

This year’s Spring Faculty Conference provides a space to understand intersections of equity and engagement in our teaching, scholarship, and institutional lives with the goal of better meeting the needs of students and the communities to whom we are accountable. We ask:  

  • What do we mean by equity? Engagement? 
  • How do we navigate trauma in & around us without triggering students? 
  • What online teaching tips, tools, and strategies support student engagement & success?
  • What changes have we made to our policies, assessments, and assignments in order to support diverse students’ success? 
  • What is the impact of culturally responsive teaching?
  • What is the faculty role in students’ social & emotional well-being?
  • How might we navigate meaningful discussions on critical topics? 

Keynote speaker: Alexs Pate

Alexs Pate is president and CEO of Innocent Technologies and creator of the Innocent Classroom. He is a former University of Minnesota professor and a New York Times bestselling author who has written five novels, a children’s book, a book of nonfiction, and has curated numerous literary anthologies. Throughout his career Alexs has attacked racial stereotypes that limit the realities of people of color. He has worked to create worlds in which the humanity of everyone is recognized, known and finally assumed. Alexs founded Innocent Technologies to build a world in which we can live our authentic humanity, uninhibited by the stories about who we are supposed to be.

The conference will also include workshops of various lengths to help faculty walk away with both quick tips and tools as well as be able to engage in more complex topics. 

Register for the conference here.

Contact Daryl Parks at with any questions or feedback.