Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to park if I am a student?

Students pay for parking as part of their fees. The fee is $12 per credit.

If students do not register a car, will they be charged? (Street parking? Bus riders?)

Yes, all students are charged a fee as part of their tuition. This was approved by Student Senate.

Students and community faculty will pay $12 per credit for parking. What time period does that cover?

The fee is $12 per credit for each semester (fall, spring, summer).  Access to parking starts 14 days prior to the official start of the semester and ends seven days after the official last day of the semester.

Can I pay the daily visitor fee if I only drive once in a while?

All students are assessed a per credit fee to park on campus and may park as often as needed as part of the parking fee.

What if I drop all my courses during the drop/add period?

Students who drop all classes and are refunded as provided in Board of Trustees policy 5.12 and will no longer have access to the parking ramps.